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Have a great day

Link 23 Jul 12 notes Story Structure according to Cartoon Network»


I was watching this fun behind the scenes video for Regular Show with its creator J.G. Quintel, and he casually reveals the story structure behind every episode of the show. Here it is! This is exactly like the Dan Harmon school of story structure, so its good to show that it works for so many…

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Today in Australian politics, Abbott referred to Canada as Canadia.

In a press conference.

In Canada.

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"Good Night Billy Moon"
my submission for the SANTORO comicsworkbook COMPOSITION COMPETITION 2013. 

© Ian Chachere and Jesse Dewyer

Link 15 May Interview with Kai Lynk of RogueStar Games»

An interview about Rogue Star Games that I did.

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Character art I did for Rogue Star Games.
The campaign was not a success, but I did some cool character designs for it.

Photo 3 May #freecomicbookday spoils.

#freecomicbookday spoils.

Photo 4 Apr 2 notes #Abra at #lentilasanything last night! #pokemon #chalkboard

#Abra at #lentilasanything last night! #pokemon #chalkboard

Photo 3 Apr 4 notes Gift art for a friend, it’s her as Princess Bubblegum!

Gift art for a friend, it’s her as Princess Bubblegum!

Photo 20 Mar 117 notes Rewatching season 4.I just…I just had to. Don’t judge.

Rewatching season 4.
I just…I just had to. Don’t judge.

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